in Costa Rica in 2024

10-Secrets & Embodied Practices of a Fully Expressed Woman

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Unleash Your Limitless Potential and Embrace a Life of Empowerment?

  • Is life knocking the wind out of you?
  • Are you experiencing a life-changing event?
  • Do you need to reset and find your center?
  • Are you ready to live life on your own terms - unapologetically?

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in Costa Rica in 2024

June 27 – July 3, 2024
San Jose & Dominical Costa Rica

Come Solo or Bring a Sister-Friend

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Immerse Yourself in Unforgettable Experiences

From the moment you touch down in San Jose, your worries will melt away.

  • Private chartered flights
  • Chauffeured car service
  • Gourmet dining
  • 5-star lodging
  • ​Unforgettable immersive experiences
  • ​Laugh…Play…Explore…Rest

awaits you.

The retreat begins with 24 hours of fun and tourism in the vibrant city of San Jose, where we'll indulge in sightseeing, shopping, and fellowship while savoring delicious "down-home" cooking at Eros, the retreat center of the Atlanta Tantra Institutes.

Then, a private plane will whisk you away to the stunning Imiloa Institute in Dominical, Costa Rica, where you'll spend 6 days and 5 nights reconnecting with your authentic self. Enjoy highly acclaimed plant-based cuisine, rest, play, and rediscover the true essence of who you are.

Then, a private plane will whisk you away to the stunning Imiloa Institute in Dominical, Costa Rica, where you'll spend 6 days and 5 nights reconnecting with your authentic self. Enjoy highly acclaimed plant-based cuisine, rest, play, and rediscover the true essence of who you are.

Message from Coach TK

from Coach TK

So, you want to be wildly successful in

Audacious Woman, you are in the RIGHT PLACE!

This retreat is designed for busy women who lead dynamic lives at home, work, and in their communities. YOU REVEALED in Costa Rica is exactly what you and your friends need to overcome the stress and frustration you feel when you’re trying to ‘be…do…and have it all.’

During this life-changing experience, you will learn the 10-breakthrough habits you need to awaken and unleash the UNSTOPPABLE YOU!

Leave behind the weight of responsibilities and allow yourself to be supported, cared for, and nurtured for 7 days and 6 nights in the enchanting paradise of Costa Rica.

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Guarantee Your Transformation

You Revealed in Costa Rica 2024 is an opportunity to unlock your inner power and create the life you desire. This transformational retreat promises personal growth, resilience, and empowerment. Don't miss your chance to be part of this life-changing experience.


  • Are you tired of feeling burned out despite your career success?
  • Are you yearning for love and connection in all the right places?
  • Do you want to break through the barriers holding you back from becoming the empowered leader you're destined to be?


  • Embrace your authentic self, unapologetically.
  • Cultivate healthy habits that bring total well-being, vitality, and agelessness into your life.
  • Prioritize what truly matters to you, finding balance and fulfillment.
  • ​Become ready to discover genuine love with a compatible partner who brings joy to your life.
  • ​Feel confident and empowered to carve your own path, armed with a clear plan to get there.
  • ​Become an influential leader who inspires others with clarity, competence, and connection.
  • ​Reconnect with pleasure and let loose, experiencing pure fun and enjoyment.



Find Your Path

You are unique and your path will be too. Whether you're a newbie ready to dive into self-discovery or an experienced seeker looking to deepen your understanding, our tailored tracks have got you covered.


Experience the transformative journey of self-discovery and embracing your unique strengths and gifts with our Awakening track. Join Level 1 to explore the body's energy system, chakras, and delve into the ten aspects of a fully expressed woman.

Each day of the retreat focuses on a different chakra, allowing you to shed limiting patterns and embrace new growth habits that align with your highest potential. Through the innovative You Revealed methodology, create a crystal-clear vision and plan for personal growth and transformation.
Unlock your true potential, harness the flow of energy within, and manifest your dreams with self-awareness and inner balance.

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Level up after completing YRR Level 1 with the RESILIENT FEW track. This empowering program equips women with practical tools and practices to rise above adversity, navigate life's challenges, and live resiliently as fully expressed individuals amidst conflicting beliefs and external demands.

Building on the foundational teachings, participants will harness the power of chakra energy centers to balance their sexual energy, tap into their innate female leadership power, and thrive in a male-dominated society. By finding closure from past experiences, they'll unlock opportunities for more pleasure, fulfilling relationships, and personal liberation.

Additionally, participants will master the art of effectively juggling responsibilities while prioritizing self-care and pursuing their passions, leading to a profound sense of fulfillment and purpose in life.

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Experience the transformative power of somatic bodywork at the You Revealed in Costa Rica 2024 Retreat. Whether you're at Level 1 or Level 2, participants have the opportunity to discover various soma (i.e., the body) healing modalities such as breathwork, meditation, Korean Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga, Cathartic Sole Dance, and Tantra.

These practices are essential for reclaiming sanity, healing the body, and regaining control over one's life. By bridging the gap between mind, body, and spirit, participants can relax, handle stress effectively, improve concentration, foster positive thoughts, and cultivate self-acceptance. These somatic practices promote centeredness, balance, and control, while enhancing energy, circulation, flexibility, and mental clarity.

Empower yourself with the Embodiment component, making an unwavering commitment to self-love, inner harmony, confidence, and the courage to follow your own path.

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🌴Hello beautiful souls!

Coach Tracey Knight and Coach Christy Robinson here, and we are thrilled to invite you to a life-changing experience: the You Revealed Retreat in breathtaking Costa Rica in 2024.

Picture yourself surrounded by lush tropical landscapes, feeling the warm sun kiss your skin as you embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

This retreat in paradise is tailor-made for incredible women like you who are ready to unlock their true potential and embrace their authentic selves. Limited spots are available, so secure your place today. Your adventure awaits, my sister!

MEET - Coach Tracey Knight: An Accomplished Author, Entrepreneur, and Self-Mastery Coach

MEET - Coach Tracey Knight: An Accomplished Author, Entrepreneur, and Self-Mastery Coach

Coach Tracey Knight is a renowned expert in helping individuals stretch their vision and abilities beyond what they thought possible. With her signature You Revealed Program and Retreats, she has guided countless men and women to overcome their fears and achieve their desired life experiences. Coach Tracey's work has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, at ESSENCE Festival, and various national conferences. Her no-nonsense coaching style and proven results have earned her recognition as a leading self-mastery coach. Coach Tracey believes that when you reclaim your power and transform your habits, you are destined to win at the game of life.

MEET - Coach Christy Robinson: A Gifted Teacher and Performing Artist

MEET - Coach Christy Robinson: A Gifted Teacher and Performing Artist

Pastor Christy Rae Robinson is the passionate CEO of Cr8tive Lyfe Unlimited LLC, offering consulting services that enhance clients' overall well-being. With a focus on creativity as a service, Pastor Christy guides clients on a transformative journey, connecting with their passions and facilitating self-actualization. Through somatic embodiment, family ministry, and creative spirituality, she helps clients connect with their bodies and visions, creating the life experiences they desire.

In addition to her role at Cr8tive Lyfe, Pastor Christy's diverse background as a birth and transition doula, performance artist, educator administrator, and inclusive member of the clergy enriches her work. She is ordained through Universal Brotherhood and leads Cr8tive Ministries, spreading love through an ecumenical and interfaith approach. As a creative director for Soul Sista's Juke Joint, she empowers women through performance art.

Pastor Christy values her personal well-being and seeks growth through the Your Day Balance Game community. She refines her spiritual practices through Atlanta Tantra, focusing on erotic embodiment and somatic sexuality for women. Outside of her work, she finds joy in dancing, singing, white water rafting, Cuban salsa, and being part of her chosen community.

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